Programming Skills:

  • Languages: C++, C#, Python, HTML, CSS, Java Script (and comfortable in linux terminal), Scripting
  • Frameworks: Node.js, React.js, Angular.js
  • Developer Tools: Jira, Confluence QT, Docker, Wireshark, VMware, ESXI, Proxmox, DNS Services, MangoDB, MySQL
  • Front end UI and Back end server/database experience. Including personal server scripts and GUIs for system services (Heimdall, Rainmeter).
  • Created small games, websites, and desktop applications

Cyber Security & IT Skills:

  • Developer Tools: Wireshark, GNS3, Snort, Unifi, Traefik, LetsEncrypt, Pi-Hole, Duck DNS, Docker, Proxmox, VMware, ESXI, XCP-ng, and Portainer.
  • Security: Offering confidentiality, integrity, and availability by protecting and securing networks and end-systems.
  • Configuring and creating firewall rules, port management.
  • Deploying and securing virtual machines using Chef.
  • Information Technology: Configuring, troubleshooting, managing, and repairing networks systems, end systems, peripherals, and more.
  • WAN, LAN, and SAN configuring, maintenance.
  • Deploying and managing Virtual Machines and services using tools such as VMware, ESXI, and Docker
  • Installed and maintained commercial firewall solution, working with security vendors to consistently apply best practices and software updates.
  • Developed and maintained company-wide endpoint security solutions.


Personal Homelab:

Personal Homelab created from scratch. Where I pentest using Kali linux tools, practice security implementations following ISO27001 or OWSAP on personal network and personal website.

When physically building my rackmounted server, I wanted to ensure each module (router, NAS, homelab) utiilized 2 NIC ports for Link Aggregation; This allows me to have double the bandwidth so I can have multiple users access the server without it bottlenecking the network.

    Part List for server blade:
  • Case: Generic 1U case (Painted to match Unifi Router & Switch)
  • Motherboard: Super Micro X11SCV-Q (Q370)
  • CPU: Intel 9700T Chose this processor specifically because it is power efficient (35 watts)
  • RAM: SK Hynix 32gb (2x16) DDR4 2666 MHz (HMA82GS6JJR8N-VK)
  • PSU: Power man IP-P315AU7-2 315w Gold 80+
  • Primary Drive: Samsung 980 NVMe 500gb Primarily use for virtual machines, backups, boot drive, etc.
Router & Switch:
  • Unifi Dream Machine
  • Unifi Switch 12 port POE
Storage (NAS):
  • Synology RS819
    • 4TB Western Digital Red HDD (4x)
      • In RAID 1 for redundancy; It's always better to back backups of backups
        Currently working on using MySQL and MangoDB to retrieve data from this website.
  • Server Case: V7 RMWC9UG450-1N (7u)
  • Outlet: TrippLite PDUMH15-6 (1u)
  • Cooling: 5x 80mm Arctic F8 (52CFM/22dBA) & 2x 120mm CoolerMaster Sickleflow (62CFM/27dBA)
    • Used as an intake to pull cool air in from the bottom because hot air is lighter, it will rise to the top; where I have 2x fans as an exhaust pulling the hot air out.
    The Dell Optiplex 8080 ITX was my original homelab before I built my own. Currently it is waiting for a furture project.

Walt Disney's IoT Security Implementation

Implement offensive and defensive security solutions useful in protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the company data, systems, and networks for the Walt Disney Company. Creating preconfigured templates for virtual machines to be deployed quickly and efficiently using Chefs PaaS. Using VMware as the main hypervisor.
Currently working on documentation. ETA 05/31/23

  • Server hardening: protecting ports, function data, and permissions.
  • Software hardening: Security measures on applications by updating application code to prevent attacks.
  • Operating system hardening: Securing OS endpoints, updating patches and limiting accounts that accesses OS.
  • Database hardening: Create database and DBMS secure. Limiting user privileges and access, disabling unnecessary services, encrypting database information.
  • Network hardening: Secure communication channels in the network between servers and endpoints.

Portfolio Git link:

Personal portfolio created in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The contact form page with Captcha created with Netlify API.

Keylogger Git Link:

Keylogger wrote in python. Keystrokes of user's will be sent over to a server where it is saved and can be viewed. The .py file was compiled with Nuitka because it can be saved as an executable. Additionally, compiling this way makes it more difficult for Windows Defender to detect the Keylogger.

CowSpec Git link:

Cross-platform hardware monitoring application that reads PC system sensors such as: voltages, temperatures, clock speeds, drive information, etc. Additionally, Can calculate hardware utilizations and network speeds. Program is purely built on python utilizing QT for GUI, PSUtill and GPUtill libraries. Wrote the logic capturing all the hardware (CPU/GPU clock speeds, voltages, temperatures, disk drives, network activity and utilizations.)

Hungry Helpers Git link:

Web application that allows users to plan their meals. Has a calendar to help users plan their meals and offers a database of food recipes. Additionally, the calendar can give you daily timed reminders when it’s time to eat. I created the web UI written in HTML and CSS. I also create the sign-in and registration page with a database using Mangodb.

Nexcloud Service:

Nextcloud is an opensource cloud service; very much like Google. I have it running on a Docker container. I use Duck DNS and Traefik for a reverse proxy so I can access my cloud/server remotely from anywhere in the world (HTTPS).

Heimdall Page:

Heimdall is a home screen of a collection of all(or most) of the services you host. I have my Heimdall running on Docker. In addition, I have all my containers collected on Portainer.

Work History:

Help Desk Technical Support Specialist & Web Developer

AAXA Technologies
January 2023 – Current

  • Implemented technical solutions to solve customer issues and increase satisfaction.
  • Customer support: Oversaw technical issues and troubleshooting requests to resolve user problems.
  • Worked cooperatively with client services, sales and design team in deadline-driven environment.
  • Designed, implemented and monitored web pages, plugins and functionality for continuous improvement.

IT Technician

Wow Law Group
January 2020 - December 2022

  • Monitored system performance to identify potential issues.
  • Maintain, monitor, troubleshoot, and repaired peripherals, machines, and network.
  • Configured and prepared computers for integration into company’s system and network.

Network Service Field Technician

May 2019 - Current

  • Configure and troubleshoot WAN-LAN networks, NAS, firewall configurations, cloud intergration.
  • Configured hardware, devices, and software to set up work stations for employees.
  • Network installation and complete cable management.
  • Researched and implemented new technologies and methodologies to improve support processes and provide better services to customers.
  • Developed and maintained company-wide endpoint security solutions.

About Me

My name is Michael Trinh. Currently a Senior at California State Fullerton in the Computer Science Program, Concentration in Cyber Security. I am currently a member of the CSUF OSS (Offensive Security Society) where I had the opportunity to participate in the 2020 WRCCD Competition with the OSS Blue team where we were placed in the top 5.

I built my own rack-mounted home lab where I logged over 200 hours spent on configuring networks to exploit vulnerabilities and to learn how to secure it better. I have a passion for learning, securing data, and hosting my own services. I hosted various services such as: NextCloud, DNS server, and SSL server to name a few. I enjoy problem solving; looking for vulnerabilities, containing it, and ways of strengthening the system.

I'm keen to further my career and contribute to cyber security by safeguarding networks and end-systems and providing confidentiality, integrity, and availability.